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F. and  J. Peters Aachen | Your Partner for Gasket Cutting Machines

Since 1932, F u. J. Peters Aachen has been producing accurate and highly reliable cutting machines in the field of gasket and rubber technology. 

Our gasket cutting machines are capable of cutting rings and discs (diameter 30 to 3000 mm), stripes (max. thickness 50mm) and segments of all cuttable materials. Our product portfolio includes gasket, ring, plate, rubber, disc, segment, flat gasket and strip cutting machines. Choose between hand-operated machines (which do not need external power supply and are perfect for on-the-spot use) and electrically operated cutting machines.

Our cutting machines are suitable of cutting, among others, the following materials:

• Rubber
• Leather 
• Felt 
• Cardboard 
• Plastics 
• Fiber materials 
• Graphite with or without inserts 

Application areas of our gasket cutting machines.

Due to their ease of use and their robustness, our machines are employed worldwide in a variety of application areas, such as:

• Gasket manufacturers 
• Power plants 
• Petrochemical industry 
• Shipbuilding and shipping industries 
• and many more  

We both offer cutting machines for individual and up to mid- volume production.

Cutting Machines Made in Germany

Our gasket cutting machines are manufactured in our facility in Aachen, Germany. F. u. J. Peters Aachen attaches highest priority to quality and security. Therefore we mainly use German high quality materials. The team of F. u. J. Peters Aachen produces cutting machines from a single source - we take care of everything from development to manufacturing to international shipping of the gasket cutting machines. This approach helps us to speed up product development, to optimize production and to ensure an efficient quality control. We call it "fully-integrated production" or simply "Made in Aachen".

Are you interested in further information about our gasket cutting machines?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer your questions as soon as possible. (Telephone number: +49 241 938480 , e-mail:

Your team of F. u. J. Peters  Aachen 
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